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A new way to buy and sell grains and seeds

Qira Pagos is a mobile wallet that allows agricultural producers to buy, sell and exchange their grains and seeds.


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Product definition
Product design
Product implementation
Product iteration


1 Product Owner
2 Frontend Developer
2 Backend Developer
1 UX Designer
1 UI Designer
1 QA Analyst


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The challenge

The main challenge has been to understand the complex process of traditional grains and seeds transactions where several parties have taken part.

During the first two months of the project, the product team carried out different workshops and research sessions with the client aiming to get all the information about the process and identify the main pain points in the communication between commercial and producer to make improvements and transfer them to the digital level.

Once the team collected all the information and processed it, they moved forward on defining the user flow and the product screens in low fidelity wireframes in order to test it with potential users and make fast iterations before starting the UI design process.

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"It's been great to see the two teams working together. We're both fast moving and focused on getting things done which allowed us to do some incredible work in a short period of time."

Alvaro Echazu, Head of UX

Alvaro Echazu - UX Lead at Paisanos

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The result

We've created a Mobile App for producer and commercial to be able to manage end to end grains and seeds operations in one place, tracking each step of the process and removing frictions.

The design system has allowed us not only to launch a perfect pixel product but also to make fast iterations once the product was released.

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"Qira Pagos has been a challenging project. We've focused on automating a complex process which was previously carried out by email with a lot of back and forth."

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Dayana Arevalo - Product Owner at Paisanos

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