Brubank 💳 is the first and largest digital bank in 🇦🇷 Argentina

We crafted a new website for Brubank, creating a new identity and set of UI elements that ultimately allows their team to update content regularly and with ease.

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A new product identity

Brubank is the first digital bank in Argentina, founded in 2017. After many years of leading the Fintech industry, it was time to refresh their product identity.

The challenge was to represent the product improvements of the past 6 years in a new UI and brand identity, but respecting their brandbook guidelines.

The process

UX Design

Before starting with the UI magic, we focused on understanding wich goals and jobs to be done needed to be addressed for each section of the website.

UX Writing

Once we had the web structure and wireframes, the writing team created all the heading structure and content for each section. The idea was to create a voice and tone simple and emphatic.

UI Design

The main task of the project was to redesign all their website. We started with a design system that defined the identity, and then proceed with key components that would be used in every section.


For the development we decided to use Webflow, This will allow Brubank's marketing teams to make changes in matter of minutes and to add new features sections at the speed of light without loosing any quality.

Exploring references

Before starting the design process, the UI team held a moodboard and references session with Brubank's team to decide on the approach to take.

It was agreed that a modular and clean structure would be important for accommodating information about new features. Products like Revolut, which offers various features and services on a single website, were used as a reference.

Additionally, we aimed to incorporate the clean design approach that Apple has been using for years.

Voice and tone

Since day one, Brubank has maintained a flexible and relaxed voice and tone, which has been a key attribute differentiating it from traditional banks.

We didn't want to change that, so our writers focused on creating new variants that aligned with the new website content while maintaining the same tone.

The new design system

Motion design

In order to add fluency to the website, our Motion designers animated illustrations and components for each section.

They've created simple but fun interactions that gave life to the UI design.

Brand identity

We assisted Brubank in making some adjustments to their identity, primarily by changing the typography they had been using since the beginning and incorporating emojis into some of their cards and banners.

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