Taking 📋 asset management in the agro industry 🌽 to the next level

We partnered with Surcos, a company that specializes in agricultural products for protecting vegetal nutrition, to design and develop a dashboard for their asset management process.

Improving productivity

Our challenge was to help Surcos take a leap in productivity. While the agricultural industry has made significant advancements using technology, there is still much work to be done.

We chose to focus on the asset management process, which had previously been primarily managed through email and WhatsApp.

Our team created a project roadmap to ensure we met milestones and deadlines aligned with the company's business goals.

User interviews

During the user interviews, the team discovered that the majority of daily tasks were being handled through WhatsApp, Excel, and email.

From here, we wrote down the jobs to be done by the users in order to create the features backlog.

Simply creating a platform that consolidates all of these jobs in one place would provide significant value to Surco's users.

Product identity

The design team collaborated closely with stakeholders to create a product identity that matched the user profile.

We sought a color palette that would reflect the industry's characteristics and a simple, minimalist UI that would help users focus on what's important.

"The impact of technology on productivity in the agricultural industry is truly remarkable. We're thrilled to be able to support Surcos on this journey"

Juan Pablo Jepik - Product Owner at Paisanos

The result

As a result, we developed a product that enabled Surco's employees to manage their assets from end to end, saving time on tasks that were previously handled through different platforms and required significant manual effort.

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