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Real-time tracking of World Cup 🏆 delivery ✈️ to Argentina

We allowed Argentinians to track the team bringing the world cup home in real time through the PedidosYa delivery App

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Ignacio Margulies
CEO - paisanos

"We needed to come up with a solution quickly, so we utilized no-code technology, AI, and a public flight status API to expedite the process."

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Creating the most viral world cup campaing in 48 hs

Using no-code tools, AI and a public API, we helped PedidosYa to track in real time the Argentinian team flighting back home with the world cup.

The marketing PedidosYa team sent a push notification of "your order it's on the way" to force people to open the app and get surprised!

We won the prestigious Cannes Grand Prix

In recognition of our outstanding collaboration with PedidosYa, we were honored to receive the prestigious Cannes Grand Prix, the highest award in the creative industry!

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