Real financial inclusion for drivers in Latam

Uils provides 💳 financial inclusion for mobility apps drivers in Latam

We helped Uils to launch their MVP, designing and developing a mobile app that allows drivers to create a credit score importing their data from Uber, Cabify, Didy and Beat in order to access to exclusive financial products.

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The problem in numbers

A driver without their own vehicle perceives 40% less monthly income.


How do we approached
the 💡 problem?

UX Design

The Uils team already had an idea of the user workflow, but since there were some assumptions made, our UX team decided to challenge the work done and they proposed to start from scratch.

Usability Tests

In order to validate that drivers will be able to understand the product and hit the goal of creating the account and validating their drivers app credentials, we ran a set of user interviews with real Uber and Cabify drivers.

UI Design

Once we had all the UX definitions, our UI team worked very close with the Art Director and with Uils marketing team in order to create a unique identity and to design the product interface with high quality standars.


With the hi-fi interface design, the dev team implemented the mobile app using react native and Storybook for UI documentation. They worked very close with the client in order to test each sprint release.


We started testing the user flow before getting into high fidelity design

Design System

Reusable components 🧩 for a scalable and consistent product

"The team energy and commitment with our project was amazing. They were extremely aligned with our interests."

Tomás Costanzo - CoFounder at Uils

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