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How we helped Homie to design a disrupting experience for their proptech platform


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A new product identity

Homie is leading the institutionalization of the fragmented Mexican housing sector. The company solves challenges that face tenants, property developers, and owners by making the rental process more efficient.

Homie asked us to take their Product UX and UI to the next level. Having accepted the challenge, our team focused on finding patterns from their new brand book to implement in the product.

References and low-fi wireframes

At the project's early stage, we worked with Homie's team to identify the ideal UI patterns that matched the product to be designed.

To achieve this, we conducted several reference sessions where we explored and discussed existing products and their characteristics.

While the UI team focused on the product's identity, the UX team began wireframing to make decisions about the product's structure and information architecture.

Testing Heros in hi-fi

The Hero section of Homie's home page was a critical decision to make since most of the conversions are initiated from here.

We explored more than a dozen content types in order to find the one with the best mix between a great UX and an outstanding visual impact.

A scalable UI system

When building MVPs, iteration speed is crucial.

That's why we created a scalable UI system that allows Homie's design and development team to add new features without the need to incorporate new component structures into the product.

Ready to take off

With a new and fresh product identity for their platform, Homie is ready to take off.

At the end of the project, we provided their internal team with a complete codebase and design files for the product suite. Now, finding and renting a new home in Mexico is easier and more enjoyable than ever!

"Paisanos helped us to find our digital identity and to strengthen our brand in a booming industry, where standing out is a huge challenge."

Miguel Maidana - Product & UX Director at Homie

"Designing for Homie was both fun and challenging. We worked closely with their team, and the feedback we received was extremely accurate and professional!"

Leonardo Suarez - Product Designer at Paisanos

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