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zityhub is an innovative platform for smart spaces designed to revolutionize how individuals and organizations approach work

zityhub collaborates closely with companies to identify the optimal workspace model, leveraging consulting, data, and innovative technology to transform traditional workspaces into distributed and flexible environments.

zityhub needed to redesign its website to reflect its business objectives, the vision of the organization and what it stands for.

At Paisanos, we guide our clients in capturing and conveying their concepts. By exploring innovative approaches, we have succeeded in presenting complex and abstract ideas in a clear and visually compelling manner.

“We chose to work with Paisanos because we were seeking individuals with innovative and unconventional ideas and approaches to communicate the rapid pace of change and zityhub’s proposals for new ways of working”

Ángel Serrano Ceballos - CEO zityhub

Conducting research prior to implementation.

To initiate a successful process, gaining a deep understanding of the product we aim to develop is crucial.

We grasped their business vision and their desired expression by conducting interviews with stakeholders and researching competitors.

Armed with this insight, we commenced the process of integrating design and technology with their revolutionary approach to work transformation and workspace optimization.

Charting a course

Defining the identity of a product begins with the creative groundwork of moodboards and concepts.

This initial phase is a visual and conceptual exploration, where we gather inspirations, color schemes, design elements, and user experience ideas. It's a collaborative canvas where imagination meets strategy, ensuring that every aspect of the product's identity is aligned with the client's vision and market trends.

Through these moodboards, we crystallize the essence of the product, setting a clear and cohesive direction for its development.

This approach not only guides our design decisions but also ensures that the product resonates with its intended audience, creating a strong and distinct brand identity that stands out in the digital landscape.

"The greatest challenge lay in having devised something both new and innovative, a creation that truly reflected the essence of zityhub."

Leonardo Suarez - UI Lead

Design System: robustness and scalability

We embarked on creating a comprehensive design system.

This system was meticulously crafted, beginning with an in-depth analysis of our existing design elements and user interfaces. We identified and distilled the essential components, such as typography, color palettes, and interactive elements, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

Collaboratively, our designers and developers worked to define scalable and reusable design patterns, which not only improved the cohesion of our products but also significantly accelerated the development process.

Our design system serves as a living document, evolving with user feedback and industry trends, thereby enabling us to maintain a dynamic and user-centric approach in our design endeavors

Motion design

In our journey to enhance user engagement and storytelling, we embraced the dynamic world of motion design.

This venture began with a deep dive into understanding the principles of animation and how they could be integrated meaningfully into our design language.

We focused on creating fluid, intuitive motion that not only captured the users' attention but also enriched their interaction experience.

Our team experimented with various animation techniques, from subtle micro-interactions that bring a user interface to life, to bold, narrative-driven animations that convey complex ideas simply and elegantly.

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