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Toma decisiones colectivas seguras y con validez legal con el único sistema de votación online certificado y fácil de usar
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Kuorum 📣 offers a certified voting system to help organizations 🏢 to make collective decisions

We partnered with Kuorum, an online voting SaaS, to help them to tell their value proposition and to position their services in the search engines through a scalable no-code strategy.

The challenge

We faceed two primary challenges while assisting Kuorum in creating the new website for Kuorum:

1) To create a visually appealing and cohesive interface that would effectively represent Kuorum's brand.

2) To build a system that allows them to easily scale and manage their services landing pages, using a flexible and modular framework that enables Kuorum to create and update landing pages for their various services efficiently

A flexible and modular design

We approached UX design in a modular way, which involves a focus on reusable components and modules:

- We worked on designing components to maintain consistency in design, style, interaction, and functionality throughout the website.

- We designed a clear and coherent hierarchy of information, ensuring that important elements are highlighted and easily accessible to users.

- We considered responsive design for all devices and platforms.

A new identity

The creation of an identity is a creative and strategic process that involves selecting colors, typography, icons, illustrations, and other visual elements that ultimately define the brand and its personality.

Through a creative and strategic process, we ensured consistency of the elements throughout the design, creating a striking and memorable identity for Kuorum.

"We have been impressed by the team's results and their proactive problem-solving attitude. They have gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding outcomes!"

Matias Nso - CEO at Kuorum

Using Webflow to scale new services landing pages

Webflow played a pivotal role in solving the challenge of developing a scalable services landing page system for Kuorum. Kuorum needed a solution that would allow them to effortlessly scale and manage their services landing pages.

By leveraging Webflow, we were able to design and implement a flexible and modular framework that empowered Kuorum to efficiently create and update landing pages for their various services. Webflow's intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful visual editor provided Kuorum's team with an accessible and user-friendly platform for managing their website content.

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