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HNT allows companies to offer a custom digital banking solution to their customers


iOS & Android


Product Design and Product implementation


1 Product Designer
1 UX Analyst
1 Product Owner
2 Developers
1 QA Analyst


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The challenge

HNT Bank needed the comprehensive development of all instances, infrastructure, applications and modules for its digital banking solution. The challenge was to develop a consistent product for all its platforms, with a scalable architecture and infrastructure optimized to receive large volumes of traffic.

The identity

We focused on creating a tailor made interface identity for HNT. In the first stage of the project, the design team explored different paths until get the chosen one.

Authentication included

HNT is already integrated with the identity validation process that allows customers to create banking accounts and access to their personal CVU.


The HNT wallet not only allows users to have an USD and ARS accounts, also allows them to accumulate and transfer HNTs, a stable coin created for the company in order to create a descentrilized community.

A digital credit card

One of HNT Bank's goals is to tackle the financial inequality in LATAM, creating financial inclusion for people who don't have access to the system.

To contribute to this objective, we integrated the HNT Bank virtual card, which users can request from the mobile app without the need of having a bank account.

Mouse over the credit card

A multi-platform experience

As a complement to the mobile app, we worked on the web banking, creating a multi-platform experience for HNT Banks users

The result

As a result, we launched the HNT Bank mobile app for Android and iOS stores, allowing their users to start consuming their services through a pleasurable mobile first experience.

"Paisanos was an amazing partner for MyHNT. Their front-end and design expertise was exactly what we needed to boost our back-end core product."

Rodrigo Meriggi, Co-Founder at HNT

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