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Flixxo combines cryptocurrencies and peer to peer video distribution in one integrated platform


iOS, Android, Web responsive, Web app


Product thinking and Product implementation


1 Product Designer
1 UX Analyst
1 Product Owner
5 Developers


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The project

Flixxo is an entertainment multi-platform that allows its users to watch mini series in exchange for Flixx, their own cryptocurrency that is obtained as a reward every time a user watches a short advertisement, or buying it in any exchange.

Users can not only use the flixx to view content, but can also transfer it to their crypto wallet as it is a commodity that has value.

On the other hand, Flixxo allows content creators to earn Flixx every time a user consumes his video content.

An unique experience

It was truly a novel experience for us to participate in an ambitious, large-scale project like Flixxo. Our team took on the job of market research, strategy elaboration, development, and of course, getting creative with visuals.

Focus on mobile experience

Although Flixxo is available for any device, we decided to focus on creating a unique experience for mobile Apps, placing great emphasis on design and creating micro-interactions for every instance.

The eco mode

Flixxo has an integrated peer to peer system that, in addition to generating profits for seeders, makes the energy consumption to watch a video be 95% less than the use made by Netflix or YouTube.

Multi device including chromecast

Users always want to consume content from wherever they are, choosing the device that best suits the context in which they are. That's why we not only developed Flixxo for traditional devices, but also included the option to stream the content to a Smart TV with chromecast.

Mobile App
iOS & Android

Web responsive
Desktop & Mobile

iOS & Android

Smart TV
‍‍All OS

Setup Google Chromecast

A new opportunity for content creators

Content creators now has a new channel to distribute their content with much less restrictions that traditional platforms, and earning not only distributing but also seeding videos.

""Paisanos helped us to create a don't make me think interface 💻 for a complex product based in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and peer to peer software.""

Adrian Garelik, Founder at Flixxo

Adrián Garelik - CEO at Flixxo

Some numbers


More than 50.000 app downloads


More than 1.000 Videos uploaded by content creators

500 K

More than 500.000 Flixx earn by users watching advertise

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