An immersive experience

Changing the real estate experience in Mexico

Delparque allows users to explore apartments in Mexico through an immersive experience




Product design
Product implementation


1 Product Owner
1 Frontend Developer
1 Backend Developer
1 UX Designer
1 UI Designer
1 QA Analyst


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The challenge

The challenge was to create an amazing visual experience for the real estate in Mexico.

We focused on redesigning Delparque's website with a new fresh image, transmitting the high standard of their projects to the interface.

"Since day 🗓️ one Delparque challenged us to make something different, but always with the purpose of creating an amazing 🎨 visual experience"

Leonardo Suarez - UI Designer at Paisanos

Different landing pages for each vertical

We've created different landing pages for each vertical, making focus on visually describing the specifications and amenities.

In order to personalize the experience, we've encouraged Delparque's team to hire an agency to carry out a shooting session to create custom photos and videos for the website.

"We worked very close with developers in order to make a pixel perfect implementation"

Agustin Caro - QA Analyst at Paisanos

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