TURN your idea into a product

MVPĀ from scratch


Cases when MVP From Scratch can be helpful

You are part of a big company and need a partner to build new products

We build products with solid value propositions and business models that will help you create new revenue streams for your company.

You want to stand out among competitors

Whether you are a big company or a startup, our design driven process will help you stand out from competitors.

You want to reduce risk and build a solid MVP

You don`t know what steps you should take to make the product a success.


Our process

Visualize your strengths in your value proposition, define a solid business model and build the MVP with an amazing design that adds real value to your customers.

Our process involves a business design stage in which our team will focus on strategy, and a product building stage in which the focus will be design and development execution.
*If the client already has one of this stages previously completed, we'll make an assessment in order to validate if it's needed or not.


Align expectetions

Onboard client teams in order to walkthrough possible scenarios and learn the different methodologies.

Possible scenarios walkthrough

Onboarding in different methodologies to be used

Set communication channels and tools


Research &Ā benchmark

Understand client, market, competitors, and users context.

Set stakeholders goals

Industry research and benchmark

Global competition analysis

Potential users research and interviews

3. Strategy

Goals and value proposition

Clear definition of product strategy, value proposition and business model.

Clear definition of business problem to be solved

Co-create business model

Define product strategy

Co-create value proposition

Customer profile

KPIs definition

Product branding and visual identity (optional)


User stories, scope and product backlog

We build the users stories in order to help users to accomplish their jobs to be done.

User stories prioritization

Jobs to be done

Product backlog

MVPĀ release plan

Software architecture document

Product identity moodboards


UX/UIĀ discovery sprint

Product design focused on business and users goals.

Features scope and prioritization

Userflow & wireframes

High fidelity interface design

Prototype and usability tests

UIĀ Kit and design system

Define the business problem to be solved


Agile development

We develop the product using agile methodologies.

Development backlog

Agile development

QA and testing

Product launch


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