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Helping women around the globe to empower their finances

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Innovating in finance inclusion

Felicity is a financial education, social media and personal finance manager platform


iOS & Android


Product implementation and product improvement


1 Product Owner
1 Mobile Developer
1 Backend Developer
1 QA Analyst


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The challenge

Felicity needed an experienced and agile team in order to iterate the product and find the market fit.

Once the product was ready to scale, the goal was to find a new investment series that would allow Felicity to help more and more women around the world.

Understanding your expenses

Understanding your expenses is essential to optimize savings, that's why we focused on giving visibility to users about how their expenses are divided according to fixed and variable, recommending the 50/30/20 rule as a basis (50% fixed expenses, 30% variable expenses, 20% savings).

Monthly report

Since many users already have external sheets, we allow them to obtain monthly reports in order to cross their data and do a more complex analysis.

Interactive feed

In order to obtain information about user habits and thus be able to create relevant content, we create interactive surveys in the news feed that also increased product engagement.

The argentinian entrepreneur that won Acelerar España tells how she made it

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Learn how to manage your economy with Felicity App

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Meet the Argentine winner of the Acelerar España award

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"We worked very closely 🔎 to the Felicity team in order add value to the product in each sprint 🏃release "

Julián Krupka - PO at Paisanos

Some numbers


More than 20.000 active users


Women in more than 12 countries are using Felicity


More than 70 million pesos in savings are registered every month

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