REplacing cash WIth digital payments

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MODO gathers all the private and public banks 🏦 in Argentina in one app 📱

MODO is one of the most popular fintech apps in Argentina, with over 5 million users. It has been praised for its ease of use, security, and convenience. In 2022, MODO was awarded the "Best Mobile Payment App" by the World Fintech Awards.

The challenge

MODO approached Paisanos with a significant obstacle, the product launch date was stipulated within 2 months and although the back-end was developed, the product didn't have a designed interface.

That's why, from Paisanos we assigned a dedicated squad to achieve a product within the highest standards of quality, in a short period of time.

1 product, 3 core features

We decided to create a design system based on the 3 core features that the product will offer to customers. Send money, ask for money and pay with a QR code. The goal was to create a pattern for each vertical, applied to the product as well as communication.

2 product identity proposals

We explored 2 different paths in order to give MODO's team alternatives with diverse design characteristics.

The chosen one

Having selected the proposal, we focused on the product UI, emphasizing the delivery of a simple and clear interface but having a unique identity that would allow MODO to stand out over the competition.

Atomic design approach

In order to make the product scalable for their teams, we developed a design system based on the Atomic Design approach by Brad Frost.

Custom onboarding animations

We've also created custom animations in order to give life to product onboarding, transmitting the identity from the start.

A 360º payment experience

- Vertical, giving a physical frame to the gesture of sending money from one device to another

- Synchronized with a payment sound made during the development with Papamusic and which is also part of the audio branding of MODO.

- Including vibrations in the cell phone (for the devices that support it)

- Handcrafted animations and transitions

- Graphing the nodes, which are part of MODO's brand and represents the alliance of the Argentinian banks

From UX/UI to branding

The Payment UI gesture not only works for the product, also works for the branding and communication campaings.

Co-founder & CIO - paisanos
Santiago Echazu, founder at Paisanos

"We worked for more than 2 months on different design proposals in order to present alternatives to MODO's team"

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"Paisanos helped us to make the difference in an 🇦🇷 Argentinian fintech 📈 market with strong players with a lot of years of experience"

Pablo Scoglio, CPO at MODO

Pablo Scoglio - CPO at MODO

Some numbers


More than 1.000.000 app downloads in only 3 months


More than 40 persons from different companies worked on the project

50 K

More than 50.000 bank accounts linked in only 2 weeks

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