Business Model Factory

Test your ideas and increase new products success rate

Cases when Business Model Factory can be helpful

Your company waste time and budget building things that don't work

We help you and your team testing multiple ideas through an experiment driven process that will increase success rates.

You need to drive innovation mindset through your company

We onboard and train teams to be autonomous and run their own innovation process.

Your company is great at what they do, but don't know how to create innovative products

We implement a complete innovation program that will allow your company to maintain their core business running while launching new innovative products.


Our approach

We help companies to implement a full innovation program that aims to create new revenue streams. Using testing and experimentation tools, you will be able to collect real evidence and strongly reduce new products risk.

At the beginning we prioritize speed over quality. As we collect real evidence that supports that our ideas will be desired by customers and that we'll be able to execute them, we'll proceed with more complex and expensive experiments.


Our process

We'll help you preparing the team, generating ideas, visualizing and testing business models, and creating and running experiments.

Team definition and alignment

Generate and select business ideas

Make ideas tangible through simple prototypes and get insights

Design business model and value proposition

Create business hypothesis based on your assumptions

Prioritize hypothesis

Map the hypothesis in the value proposition and business model

Select experiments

Create experiments backlog and roadmap

Analyze evidence and learn from the insights

Conclusion and next steps

Our MVP from scratch service will help you to build your validated product

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The team

Santiago Echazu

Paisanos founder and startup mentor

Jonás Mosse

Business Mentor & Strategyzer Coach. He coached teams around the world who have generated billion dollar business models from scratch.

Julián Krupka

Paisanos Business Designer & Product Lead with experience launching more than 50 startups

Ignacio Margulies

Paisanos CEO, former Product Owner at Mercado Libre, Google & Nuvemshop

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