To redesign 🎨 and develop a digital product 📱 that takes Grido's 🍨 user experience to the next level

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Industry insights

We've made market research in order to understand the ice cream ecosystem and get some data

Argentina es de los países que más helado consume en el mundo (7kg per cápita).


Grido produce 75.000 toneladas de helado por año.

+ 1900







Grido es la cadena de helados más grande de Latam.

We focused on 3 main jobs 🏗 for users in order to launch the MVP

Find stores, see orders status and create a new order

In order to make easier for Grido to iterate the app we used Storybook to document a 🧩 component driven front-end

Storybook is a frontend framework for building UI components and pages in isolation

"Developing an app that millons of users will use to order icecream was an amazing and fun experience."

Josefina Marino


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